Power Gen 2013 and Power Gen 2014 Exhibitions

Power Gen fairs are the largest events in the energy sector in Europe. The exhibition is held several times a year in different parts of the world, allowing a platform for companies in the energy industry to present themselves, new technologies, developments, innovations, their products and services. European exhibition Power Gent will provides great opportunities for companies all around the world.

CWIEME fairs

CWIEME is the biggest event in the energy sector. over 675 companies with over 400 different exhibition stands, visitors from nearly 100 different countries are taking part of the events every year. The exhibition is very popular among companies from the U.S., India, Ukraine, Russia, China and Japan.

Local Cluster’s EVENTS

Event for presentation and proportioning of Cluster for development and support of Bulgarian companies in the Energy sector. The goal is to announce, advertise and promote Cluster’s activities, the members, the products and services in Bulgaria.

Hong Kong FAIR

Finding new products placed on the Asian market.

Shanghai 2014 exhibition

The aim is to exchange experience, knowledge of innovation and technology.

Seminar in Bulgaria 2014

The seminar will be held to promote Cluster’s activities, new practices and activities, innovative products and technology.

Roundtable 2014

The event will seek dialogue with the Government in order to achieve a better interaction with the companies in the energy sector, the issues related to the energy sector.

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