Energy saving

Most countries of the European Union has not yet using the existing major opportunities and take serious measures on energy efficiency. The problem with the use of energy is both a challenge and a great opportunity. If you do not reduce the use of energy, his price will continue to rise, and increased reliance on imported energy and the effects of climate change will have a negative impact.

In that moment in many Member States of the European Union energy efficiency is not part of the labor political program, although the possibility of achieving a profitable savings are significant. This situation began to change significantly, thanks to the initiatives of legal associations and political processes. To identify opportunities to analyze all sectors of end use of energy. Potential savings amount to almost half of current energy use, although several countries reach values ​​higher than average, and are therefore a person serious purposes.

One of the main barriers to achieving energy efficiency is the lack of knowledge and general culture (as in homes, businesses and in all spheres of society) and therefore need a common strategy by which to provide each of these groups necessary knowledge and culture related to energy efficiency.


The answer is simple: because most of the energy used comes from fossil fuels, mainly oil and gas.

Although the energy consumed in the home, in the workplace and more, is electric, you should know that according to the seasons and availability of water in the hydropower plants (HPP), a large part of the power generation in thermal power plants (TPP), is transforming natural resources into thermal energy, electricity is generated, which subsequently distributed for use.
The use of non-renewable resources derived from non-renewable sources of fossil origin, released to the atmosphere gas greenhouse gas emissions from burning them, and they are the main cause of global warming.

It is important to generate mechanisms that allow to face the current problems of our society, the lack of physical capacity to cover the needs. This lack has seriously increased due to the level of current consumption.

Improving the energy efficiency of all processes becomes a single alternative in order to avoid bigger problems in the world. This quest for improved energy efficiency should be a priority activity in all sectors of society by making a greater effort by expending energy sectors, such as industry.

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