A strategic plan for cluster development and support of Bulgarian companies in the energy sector plans to create conditions for training and consultancy specialists in the field of energy, to partner with universities and vocational schools, cooperating in the field of postgraduate training and retraining of staff.

Cluster support and development of Bulgarian companies in the energy field is your reliable partner in providing advice and service in the field of energy. We can advise you on:

  • System analysis, preliminary and feasibility studies;

  • Development of strategies and development forecasts of energy;

  • Planning and development of energy systems;

  • Development and implementation of management software for process units;

  • Energy efficiency;

  • Engineering support;

  • Manufacturing activity and repair of power transformers and generators, high voltage motors, installation of spare parts, maintenance of facilities and maintenance;

  • Consulting services aimed at companies working in the energy sector;

  • Development of new technologies for companies in the energy sector in order to reduce the impact on the environment and energy efficiency;

  • Provision of social, business and economic relations / investors;

  • Support the establishment of contacts and cooperation with other organizations, foundations and institutions in Bulgaria and other countries.

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