Development of research and development to provide innovative and advanced products needed by companies working in the of energy sector on a lower price;

Development of a unique set of products and services in the energy sector . The goal is to propose at the market complete service and many types of activities- that are associated with the energy sector , namely:

  • manufacturing activity and repair of power transformers and generators , high voltage motors , installation of spare parts, maintenance of facilities and maintenance;

  • design and innovative equipment for companies working in the energy sector;

  • developing, support and auditing of innovative IT solutions in the energy sector;

  • programming and hardware development of IT solutions for companies in the energy sector;

Consulting services for companies working in the energy sector;

Appliances , accessories and more;

Development of new technologies for companies in the energy sector in order to reduce the impact on the environment and energy efficiency;

Design, construction and installation;

Social, business and economic relations with investors, supporting the establishment of contacts and cooperation with other organizations, foundations and institutions in Bulgaria and Ukraine and third countries;

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