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The cluster is being established in October 2012. Company main goal is encouraging, promoting, supporting and developing Bulgarian companies in the energy sector.
Gathering, analysis and dissemination of good manufacturing practices in the energy sector, promotion of international cooperation in the energy sector. Supporting the usage of innovative technologies related mainly to the environment. Supporting co-operation between companies working in the energy sector, improving environment protection activities.

Cluster for development and support of Bulgarian companies in the Energy sector” unites companies in various fields of activity, who have extensive experience and know-how built up, established on the market, experts in the sector, distinguished by strong professionalism in the energy sector.

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CENTRALNA ENERGOREMONTNA BAZA EAD (CERB) was established in 1948 and today is recognized as a reliable supplier of repair services to the power facilities within the electric power sector in Bulgaria.
According to the machinery’s content and specificity, diagnostics, test and repair works are performed on the spot or at the factory of CERB EAD.
For more than 60 years of existence the company has specialized in the following activities:

  • Repair of all kinds of rotating electrical machines
  • Repair of dry and oil immersed transformers and autotransformers
  • Diagnostics, electrical measurements and tests of electrical machines, transformers, protective equipment and materials
  • Vibration analyses and dynamic balancing of rotors, turbines, pumps and fans
  • Control of metals
  • Transportation of heavy and oversized loads by road and railway
  • Manufacture of: spare parts and non-standard equipment for electrical machines; carbonic steel casts with weight up to 2 t; current transmitting fittings for power cables and conductors (accessories)

The Company disposes of 20 000 sq. m. built-up area including:

  • production buildings
  • store facilities
  • oil storage reservoirs with capacity up to 380 t
  • laboratories and test stations
  • administrative buildings

CERB is provided with all necessary equipment and facilities such as: vacuum drying furnaces, different types of cranes with capacity up to 300 t, lines for manufacturing of new coils for high voltage motors and generators – SCHUMANN, machines for cold treatment of metals – universal lathes, milling machines, vertical boring and turning machines, vertical knee-type milling machines, radial drilling machines, slotting machines, surface-grinding machines and others. The balancing activities are carried out via apparatuses of “BRUEL&CAER” and “ENTEK IRD”.

CERB Vibro Health Ltd.

Company specializes in making representation and mediation of natural and legal persons to third parties and / or state authorities to provide management and business consulting, execution of advertising, information and impresario activities, marketing. The main business activity is the provision, development and maintenance of innovative IT solutions, value-added companies in the energy sector – both in Bulgaria and abroad. Company offers a wide range of innovative solutions and services in programming and hardware development, and specific orientation is bound to provide services through the provision of IT solution for companies involved and active in the maintenance and repair of electrical machinery, dry and oil-immersed transformers and autotransformers, measurement and testing of electrical machines, transformers, protection equipment and materials, and in the study of the vibration in all kinds of rotating machines, and more particularly to pumping equipment.

Elina Re Ltd.

The company specializes in the implementation of internal and external trade, including the execution of commercial representation and agency of local and foreign individuals and legal entities in the country and abroad.

Company is specialized in the production of goods for sale. The company deals with the implementation of real estate transactions, and managed the operation of catering food. Making of inland and foreign trade, production of goods for sale. The company specializes in the provision of works and more specifically to the construction and provision of construction and repair services, offering design services.
Company customers are from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Domo Estetiko Ltd.

Is the owner of trademark REALUX – compact fluorescent energy saving lighting, which effectively reduces lighting costs up to 80%, and LED lighting guaranteed reduces lighting costs more than 10 times.

Company and the team, have over 18 years experience in the field of light sources and is proving to be a leader in the pan direction of the Balkan Peninsula, winning markets in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Western Europe.

REALUX brand is represented with its own offices in Bulgaria (Domo Estetiko Ltd.), Romania and Poland (REALUX PL). In these countries have their own offices, fleet and more than 80 employees who care about the quality and distribution of the brand.

All REALUX products are effective guarantee of 24 months produced under the RoHS Directive and machine tested for roadworthiness for each product separately.


Subject of activity: The main activity of the company is related to design, construction, operation, production and sale of electrical equipment and installations, electrical installations and electrical panels, transformer substations.
The company specializes in the field of electric power and electrical engineering. The company concentrates its efforts in the design, production, delivery and installation of Complete Transformer Substations – metal and concrete type, Hub Stations and Distribution Systems up to 24kV.

Association of Bulgarian-Ukrainian friendship and cooperation

Association of Bulgarian-Ukrainian friendship and cooperation was established in October 2008 by the Bulgarian founders. The main activity is to contribute and development of social and economic relations between Bulgaria and Ukraine. One of the main objectives of the association is to promote relations between the companies in the energy sector between Bulgaria and Ukraine, promote and develop joint social, cultural and economic endeavors and initiatives of citizens of Bulgaria and Ukraine, especially in energy projects, organize and support the social and economic events, meetings, seminars and forums all of a similar nature for individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations on both sides.

Company raises funds from donors and reveals sources of financial aid at home and abroad, in addition, business activities to support the association’s goals and realized shares of the company in other companies. Negotiate directly with organizations, companies and individuals specific conditions for aid, donations and more. The company provides consultancy services, foreign trade, commission business, performs translation work, designs and builds facilities and equipment to achieve the objectives of the Association, establish contacts and cooperation with other relevant organizations, foundations and institutes in Bulgaria and Ukraine third parties.

Association “Scientific and Technical Union of Power Engineers in Bulgaria”

Subject of activity: THE SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL UNION OF POWER ENGINEERS IN BULGARIA is a non-profit association in which Bulgarian individuals and legal entities performing activities in the field of energy voluntarily are members, for private benefit – in the interest of the partners.
The main goals of NTSEB are: to assist in raising the level of professional training and for realization of creative ideas and initiatives of the NTSEB members; to carry out activities for protection of creative interests and intellectual property of NTSEB members; to assist enterprises, companies, etc. to increase energy efficiency, renewal of energy sources and solving specific problems in the field of energy. The association sets itself the following tasks: to conduct professional qualification activities and to support the development of creative ideas and initiatives of its members; to cooperate with similar organizations of energy companies and other public organizations in the country and abroad; to carry out international relations and to participate in international non-governmental organizations; to participate in the development and discussion of laws, regulations, rules, instructions and other regulations in the field of energy, environmental protection, protection of people from harmful and dangerous impacts and protection of property from damage and destruction as a result of the use of energy; to provide scientific and methodological assistance to economic entities for efficient use of energy resources and reduction of energy intensity in the economy; to participate with opinions and references for licensing of companies and companies for carrying out economic activity in the field of energy; to give opinions and references for licensing of companies and companies for carrying out economic activity in the field of energy; to participate in solving specific scientific, technical and economic problems in the field of energy; independently or in interaction with other organizations, to hold scientific and technical events – symposium, conferences, seminars, discussions and other forums; to organize competitions, lectures, exhibitions, fairs and visits to such events in the country and abroad; to promote scientific and technical achievements, to study public opinion and to contribute to the objective informing of the technical community in the field of energy.

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